Cancer Fighting Diet & Foods: Asparagus for Cancer Cure?

Asparagus and Cancer Cure?

There are many foods that have unique properties, nutrients, and undiscovered cofactors that may aid the body within the healing process. In relation to helping the body to recover from cancer, we will discuss a number of the best foods to contain in the diet. Let’s first look at Asparagus, as it may be suggested to be really powerful, and a lot of reports declare that basically eating 1 cup of asparagus every day can give sufficient support to support the body heal from cancer. This suggestion has been circulating among numerous circles since 1979. Let’s explore some analysis to see if the asparagus cancer cure has enough support to it.

Asparagus and Cancer Cure? The origin of this idea:

Apparently the beginning of this asparagus and cancer cure link began with Richard R. Vensal, D. D. S. generally refers to doctor of dental science or physician of dental surgery; nonetheless, Richard R. Vensals ‘DDS’ couldn’t be verified. Clearly there was also another person working with him in this particular case, an unnamed biochemist. There are a number of references linked to Dr. Vensal, but there’s no explanation with regards to how he invented the suggestion of an asparagus cancer cure.

Lately in 2009 there was a question about an article that was supposedly published inside the Cancer News Journal in December of 1979. (No amount of study has brought about this write-up). This write-up claimed that asparagus may well cure cancer. Examples had been given concerning 4 separate instances where asparagus cured several distinct varieties of cancer, which includes Hodgkin’s disease, lung cancer, skin cancer and bladder cancer. Apparently this article has been circulating on the net since 2006. There is even a Spanish translation of this write-up about an asparagus cancer cure. There are some 1970 articles on the asparagus cancer cure topic in well being magazines and Prevention, which were unsupported by any research studies.

Asparagus and Cancer Cure: Dr. Vensal

Nevertheless, there’s a connection between cancer and asparagus, but not fairly what exactly is portrayed in the supposed write-up by Dr. Vensal. There’s a ‘Guinea Pig Connection’ that began in 1953 with John G. Kidd at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. John Kidd discovered that a wholesome guinea pigs’ blood serum, injected into mice, killed leukemia as well as other types of cancer. Doctor John D. Bromme, several years later, found out why. In a guinea pigs blood there is an enzyme which is named L-asparaginase. The L-asparaginase destroys the amino acid L-asparagine. Leukemia cells are unable to generate L-asparagine, as regular cells do.

Asparagus Cancer Cure and L-asparaginase

It appears that the thought of a simple asparagus and cancer cure originated from the usage of L-asparaginase for a cancer treatment. Time magazine reported the remission of one of the first patients that received the drug. This drug was found to be beneficial in the fight against cancer. L-asparaginase, referred to as Elspar, is component of the standard routine for Leukemia as well as other rare tumors. Fundamentally, the L-asparaginase destroys much of the L-asparagine as possible using the result being that the leukemic cell is starved.

Nonetheless, most cancer cells are a good deal like regular cells with their capability to synthesize L-asparagine, so having said that, in case you were to introduce huge amounts of L-asparaginase it would have small activity and therefore would appear to be counter-productive.

Asparagus and Cancer Cure

: Summary in Conclusion

This write-up is not attempting to debunk the possibilities of healing that asparagus might or could not have. The study led to the above mentioned conclusion. It said there appears to be not enough scientific proof that asparagus alone cures cancer or is potent sufficient to assist the body heal itself totally with out other remedies.

What we have discovered to be valuable in assisting the wellness and recovery of cancer patients and others is really a special mineral formula combined with having a “1900″ diet plan. Our website has more information about this program.

On the web site, you’ll see some interesting instances of survivors like Rita; she was identified as having Colon, Liver, and Double Lung Cancer. She was given no indication from doctors that she would live through it. Seven weeks following starting the minerals and dietary changes, her PET Scan showed “No Evidence” of Cancer, and she is wholesome and alive these days.

Joey was three years old and had Down Syndrome; his activities had been limited to crawling about, smiling and drooling. His mother started him using the program with her pediatrician’s guidance to monitor every thing. Following five weeks, he was standing, walking, and was in a position to say ‘Moma’, ‘Papa’, and ‘Baba’, in both French and English, as the mother is French. Joey is presently a normal student in school and is active in Little League Baseball.

Charlie had Prostate cancer advanced outside the capsule, diabetes, high cholesterol, & high blood pressure. All diagnosed and documented on April 19, 2005. Documents show that one month later, he was off all meds for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure, as his conditions had been typical with no meds. A month later, June 19, 2005, tests showed ‘no evidence’ of cancer, and there were no abnormalities. He is doing fine and still no evidence of any problems. For more information regarding foods and supplements and how they can help the body to heal itself, explore the many sections of the Gratitude Healing website.

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Asparagus and Cancer Cure

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