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This Supplement Regimine is Currently Being Used By Budwig Cancer Center of Spain and is known worldwide as complementary to the Budwig Diet or to any other organic and natural diet/juicing regimine

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This Protocol Has Been Featured Or Discussed by:

–The Independent Cancer Research Foundation / Michael Vrentas

–Annie Appleseed Project

–Beating Cancer Gently / Bill Henderson

–Life Enthusiast Co-Op / Cancer Healing

–Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s Blog

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More Testimonials:

July 3, 2014
Pancreatic Cancer Patient Dies Three Month Death Sentence – Declines Surgery to Remove Pancreas, with No Chemo and No Radiation – Has Amazing Quality of Life 14 Months Later and Works on Farm

March 4th, 2013

Kristen’s Lyme Disease Recovery (Off of Antibiotics, No More Caffeine or Stimulants for Energy, Now is Doing Yoga without much Pain, Increased Energy, Reduced Systemic Pains)

Recorded December 31st, 2012

Jeff’s Stroke Recovery Damage with 3 Weeks on Formula
And Better Sex Life (More Stamina, Strength, Performance)

Recorded December 21, 2012

Nancy’s Chronic Insomnia Disappears on Day One
Arthritis Pains Reducing, Back Pain Reduced, Sinus/Allergies Cleared Up
Skin Hydrating and Clearing Up

Uploaded December 10th, 2012

Mary from California has “New Lease on Life”
Used to be disabled with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia Pains, Arthritis, and Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Diagnosis Reversed, Pain Reduced from 10/10 to 1/10

Recorded October 6th, 2012

Felicia from Connecticut – Multiple Sclerosis
Improvements within first 12 Hours and first week

Matt L from Waco, Texas – Multiple Sclerosis – recorded late 2010
Stands up from Wheelchair on first day after just two doses of the formula:

Tonya E from Colorado – February 20, 2011
Hepatitis C and Fibromyalgia: Viral Load count from 10 million to 600,000, pains reduced:

Ron M from Golden, Colorado – February 18, 2011
Eliminates Back/Neck Pain, Muscle Aches, feels results within two hours,
After results from his first dose:

Carlos from Rolling Meadows, Illinois – March, 2011
Reduces Back Pain & golf-ball sized lump that was evident for One Year, within 2 weeks – feels results (doctors couldn’t identify what the lump was).
Hear Carlos’s story:

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Read this Letter FIRST before reading anything else:


Dear Friend,

I am truly blessed to share with you this information. Let’s jump right in…

This program works by supporting the biochemical and energetic quantum level in the body at the ionic and sub-ionic (or vibrational) level.

What we are doing is supplying the body with the correct basic elements which causes the hormones and amino acids to be manufactured correctly. This allows for corrected DNA instructions, causing the body to manufacture normal cells instead of the incorrect cells. (DNA Repair)

Many health professionals and nutritional consultants around the country have been helping patients who come to them aiding them to help their body heal naturally from serious life-threatening or debilitating diseases, with a very high success.

After decades of selling other herbal and homeopathic supplements that observed to work to varying degrees of effectiveness, a group of Naturopathic Doctors have now cleaned out their offices from many of the other supplements they used to recommend to their patients in exchange for a very simple and perfect whole food nutritional support program that leaves little off the table and appears to work for everybody, the sick and dying or those who are well – to optimize and maintain proper health and youth for the rest of a person’s life.

(It’s funny how many BILLIONS of dollars are spent each year on “anti-aging” using make-up and cosmetics, from the outside making a person “look younger” instead of starting from the inside-out and actually keeping them younger.

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This nutritional program was formulated by a 34-year survivor of Pancreatic Cancer, who was trained as an architect. He looked at problems from their structural integrity by reverse engineering them. After being challenged with his familial predisposition that gave him his pancreatic cancer in 1976, he switched his entire focus into medicine in order to try to find a cure for himself and later, his sister.

He went through the entire pre-Med program, and then went on to study for 4 more years in transplantation research. He successfully increased cell preservation times with nutrient solutions. The preservation time for cells when he entered his research was at 3 days. His original 5 day goal went up to 24 days after he created a nutrient pump that delivered a specific blend of nutrients. He also taught college medical school chemistry lab for 3 years, which further helped him advance his research.

To add additional trauma to his phenomenal story of recovering from pancreatic cancer, he was in the World Trade Center when it was bombed 2/26/93. He received extensive injures, 118 pieces of shrapnel to go with a crushed ribcage and structural damage that included some 47 fractures.

Despite all the treatments and physical therapy, he found that only high doses of calcium and other vitamins acted as a greater pain reliever than any other alternative including prescribed narcotics.

He was also told he would never walk again. He has been walking since May 1996 and continues to improve to this day, where all other medical applications failed to give relief.

Simply by providing natural nutrition to complete the body’s chemistry requirements, the result will be a restored, properly balanced functioning body.

Individuals with arthritis show evidence of growing cartilage so fast that they could completely alleviate their symptoms in just a few weeks.

Individuals with clogged arteries show evidence to have not only unclogged their blood vessels but also restored them so that they are clear and as smooth as a baby’s.

And individuals with osteoporosis are showing to re-grow new bone faster than the old bone broke down, allowing inter-related functions to improve and attain correct results.

Chronic degenerative conditions previously created from incorrect chemistries and dysfunctions will reduce, diminish, and eventually no longer exist.


Gratitude Healing – Click Here for Audio Overview

The following stories are well documented…

I’d like you to meet* my friend Wendy who lives in Saint James, Long Island, NY. On October 6, 2006, she was told she had just months to live, with fatal liver cancer, two major lesions. After using this relatively simple natural mineral supplementation protocol, she was able to recover completely from cancer, without drugs, chemotherapy, or surgery. As of January 9, 2007, there was no evidence of cancer.
_________ ________________________________________

I’d like you to meet* Julie, a woman I know from Smithtown, NY, who was suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, who had to walk around with a cane, take daily injections, and other painkillers just to get by. Now she is in no pain, full of energy, gets up at 4:30 a.m. to work out at the gym. She was on this protocol for less than two months, and now she has no current MS symptoms. She is very excited and is actively approaching other people with similar conditions locally to spread the word about how this helped her.(*Yes! I would literally like you to meet her; I am not just saying that to make it sound real; I want to prove to you that her story is real!)

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“Cowboy Joe”‘s story is phenomenal: He had simultaneous Pancreatic, Stomach, Liver, Neck, and Throat Cancer, and was told to wait at home to die. After discovering and using this protocol, repeated_tests showed “no evidence” of any cancer – it was as if his body never had cancer to begin with!
Rita also defied her “death sentence”; she was diagnosed on February 23, 2003 with Colon, Liver, and Double Lung Cancer. She was given no indication from doctors that she would recover from it. As of April 14th, 2003, which was just seven weeks on the protocol, the PET Scan showed “no evidence” of any cancer. Currently she is healthy and well. _

Lorena had Pancreatic & Liver cancer with 7 lesions on the liver, was in Hospice waiting to die in March 2008. As of March 28th, her 6 cm pancreatic tumor measured only 1.4 cm on May 5th. She is fine today.

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Meet Joey, in September 2003, at 3 years old, had Down Syndrome; his activities were limited to crawling around, smiling and drooling. His mother started him with the program with her pediatrician’s guidance to monitor everything. After 5 weeks, he was standing, walking, and was able to say “Moma”, “Papa”, and “Baba”, in both French and English, as the mother is French. Joey is currently a regular student in school and is active in Little League Baseball.
There have been children with Cerebral Palsy, others brain damaged from accidents – that were able to completely recover._This has also helped in complete recovery from Autism.

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There has been complete recovery from Brain Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy… and hard drug addicts (heroin, cocaine, etc) are routinely clean in two weeks flat.

In 2006, a famous actor had full-blown Alzheimer’s disease. His daughter was trying to inherit his estate from him; claiming he was incompetent. The actor discovered and then used the mineral protocol for several months time. When the case went to trial he showed evidence that he no longer had Alzheimer’s Disease. The judge ruled he was fit to keep his estate due to the medical proof presented.

Actually, in 2006, covered the Virginia Academy of Science did a study on Alzheimer’s, showing in one study that these supplements had an 11,116,043% improvement in reducing the plaque and inflammation in the brain that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease!

Charlie had Prostate cancer advanced outside the capsule, diabetes, high cholesterol, & high blood pressure. All diagnosed and documented on April 19, 2005. Documents show that one month later, he was off all meds because diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure were normal with no meds. A month later, June 19, 2005, tests showed “no evidence” of cancer, and there were no abnormalities. He is doing fine and still no evidence of any problems.

Jim was diagnosed with colon cancer early spring 2002, surgeons strongly insisted on immediate surgery, with no options, which he did not want to do yet. He wanted to try his nutritional program to see whether it would be helpful and if it did not reverse the cancer, at least it would be able to help him heal better if he eventually required surgery. He started the program June 2002. August 15, 2002 testing revealed that there was no evidence of cancer, confirmed in September testing as well.

Lou had osteogenic sarcoma w/ metastasis to the lungs. He was recovering from a lobectomy (left lower lobe). As of 3/30/06, the physicians told him the chemo was not working and the tumors had in fact grown. That’s when he started on the program. When the pathology report came back after the 4/19 surgery, the tumor was 80% necrotic. Update: December 10, 2006, Latest PET scans show “No Evidence of cancer”. Today he is doing fine.


The following story is extraordinary: Cesar had triple colon cancer, full-blown diabetes, and mitral valve prolapse. While using the supplements, he completely recovered from all three conditions. The dead tumors came out through his bowel movements over time! Soon after showing no evidence of cancer, he unfortunately decided not to continue the protocol. Two years later, Cesar suffered a series of three strokes and two heart attacks within a week and a half-period; which put him into a coma. Although doctors were ready to pull the plug on him, as a last resort they administered the minerals to him through the feeding tube. They were shocked and amazed when_just five days later, he woke up out of the coma!_The doctors said they never seen anyone recover like that from being completely brain dead. He was out of the hospital in two weeks!

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Based on this research, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Health Coaches alike are coming to believe that many of the other herbal or “holistic” approaches that have become popular recently are actually missing the mark. Here are just a few things that this research protocol suggests:

—Antioxidants are important to fight or prevent cancer but not as important as Minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium
Sugar does NOT “feed” cancer
—Multivitamins may be causing more harm than good, especially B Vitamins
—Coffee is one of the worst things we can put in our body, and it has nothing to do with the caffeine! The complex amino acid structure creates an acidic environment in the body and leaches alkaline minerals like calcium, in order to keep homeostasis.
—Wheat and Dairy allergies can be corrected by fixing mineral deficiencies, and are NOT permanent!

**This research suggests that cancer and all these other conditions are simply a mineral deficiency. Toxins, chemicals, radiation, emotional stress are not a direct “cause” – but they are a factor because they will cause or further a mineral deficiency.**

Please read the above sentence again.

Put another way, the reason ANYTHING is harmful and can lead to dis-ease, is because it will leach or damage mineral availability, and cause the DNA (or instructions for building cells, amino acids, hormones, and basic chemistries) to be build INCORRECT.

Imagine building a house with incorrect instructions, and also incorrect amounts of certain building materials.

Within the body, when faced with this scenario, your body will not just “tap it’s foot and wait” until minerals become available, but will be forced to compensate and to build the cells and hormones based on wrong material.

This is what is causing cancer cells to be built!

This is what is causing any hormone-related disease: high cholestrol, diabetes, and thyroid issues.

If you correct the mineral deficiency, the problems should clear up as a result of the bodies corrected DNA instructions and biochemical environment (alkaline/PH).

In addition, the peak performance of the body’s communication center, the neurological system, is very calcium-dependent, yet most calcium from food and supplements are not well absorbed! _____________________________________________________________
Now here’s another “unlearning” concept: Sugar does not feed Cancer. More information under the Cancer Summary section.

I personally have had a battle with Candida which is a fungus that wrecks havoc in the digestive system. Many websites and nutritionists have told me to avoid sugar, grains, and all fruit. But I found that on the mineral protocol to help repair the DNA, avoiding sugar was not necessary in order to have candida cleanse.

To think like an architect: When we get to the root cause of the problem, the issue is resolved. We don’t need to “kill’ cancer or any infection as your body should naturally eliminate it on its own when it’s DNA instructions and resulting biochemistry of the body are correct. This corrected biochemistry creates an environment hostile for bacterial, fungal, or viral infections to exist and thrive.

The ironic part about many holistic and naturopathic practices becoming popular today is that some are completely unnatural to the body. Wildlife never need to do colonics, colon cleanses, use juicers, buy special water machines, and look – they never come down with Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, or Cancer! Have you seen a squirrel or deer with Diabetes, Lupus, or MS?

What about hundreds of years ago, when people were not getting all these diseases, and colonics were not even invented yet??? Obviously a LACK OF COLONICS was NOT the cause of a the RISE in cancer, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, or any health problems!!!

Common sense!

The difference today between humans and wildlife — humans are eating mineral-deficient diets, which causes the DNA, amino acids, hormones, cells, and basic chemistries to be built incorrectly. Then the body can not detox or regulate infections and toxins on its own. This is the direct cause of almost all disease!

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After correcting the deficiency by taking high amounts of minerals, many lung cancer patients cough up the dead tumors!!! You’ll be amazed when you watch the video testimonial on my website of the patient who coughed up 38!

The body naturally maintains itself if it contains the proper mineral balance; stimulating herbs, barks, or other detox procedures are not needed. These popular colon cleansing products are disrupting the chemistry of the intestines, destroying beneficial bacteria necessary for assimilation of nutrition, and damaging nerve endings of the intestinal walls because they are stimulants.

The body coughs up phlegm, vomits up alcohol, or has loose stools to eliminate bacteria from contaminated food. When you cut yourself and are bleeding, it starts healing right away.

You don’t need an herb to make your body do what you want it to – that is the same as using a medicine! – the information for your body to restore itself to it’s natural state is in your DNA, and transmitted through your autonomic nervous system when properly nourished!

All the information in this letter and on the websites is well documented.

There have been many extreme recovery cases of those taking this protocol that it has impacted me in such a profound way. This program has helped around 4,000 people so far, and I encourage you to review the testimonials & medical documentation provided.

You’ll want to explore this information on behalf of your families health, but also for your finances.

In America today, 60% of Bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses. Tens of millions are not insured and simply can not afford to get sick or develop a disease that requires expensive medical intervention.

Financial stress then leads to more ill health and it is a vicious cycle! Imagine how many you can help by sharing a simple inexpensive solution!

This Protocol has helped many different types of cancer patients, including
those with Cancer of the: Bladder, Blood, Brain, Breast, Cervical, Colon, Endometrial, Esaphageal, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Lymphatic, Mesothelioma, Multiple Myeloma, Neck, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Parotid, Prostate, Skin, Testicular, Throat, Uterine

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Below is a list of the non-cancer conditions this protocol has shown to help alleviate or totally resolve the symptoms of, according to our observations*:

Acid Reflux
Alcohol Dependency
Asperger’s Synd
Autonomic disorders
Back pain
Bells Palsy
Brain Damage
Candida Yeast
Cerebral Palsy
Chemical Poisoning

Chronic Fatigue
Colds / Flu
Crohn’s Disease
Cyst/ Fibroids
Down’s Syndrome
Drug Addiction
Eating Disorder
Epstein Barre
Fungus – nail
Graves Disease
Guillian Barre
Hair Growth
Hearing Loss
Heart Conditions
Hepatitis “C”
Hormonal balance
Irritable Bowel
Joint pain
Kidney Stones
Leg Cramps
Lung Disease
Lung Nodules
Manic Depression
Mental clarity
Metal Poisoning
Multiple Conditions
Multiple Sclerosis
Nail Weakness
Neck Pain
Neurol. Conds
Ovarian Conds
Parasitic Conds
Renal Failure
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Skin Tags
Throat Nodule
Tiredness – Chronic
Toe nail fungus
Tooth Pain
Viral Disorder
Weight Loss
More to Come

*The Observational Results do not make any implications, promises, nor guarantees that the research findings will guarantee the reversal of any disease. All information contained in the booklets and websites is determined educational and observational. Although observations and documentation have shown positive results, it is the reader’s obligation to discuss with their medical professional to make their own decisions. All decisions are the reader’s responsibility and common sense of it shall apply.

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I’m sure you can appreciate that due to politics and money, it may take years or lifetimes for the entire medical community and media to acknowledge this groundbreaking information.

I mean how many years was it before the establishment realized the earth was round, or that the sun was the center of the solar system, or that bloodletting and mercury injections were not effective medical treatments!

(Yes, it’s a shame that our nation’s first President George Washington died when doctors tried to cure his strep throat by draining half of his blood and having him swallow 650 mg of mercury; both accepted allopathic medical treatments at the time.)

Will you help me empower people with the information needed to transform people’s health? This is a grassroots effort, and we seek your help!

I have lost my Grandmother and Aunt to their “battle” with cancer and the treatments, and have had a few other close calls hitting close to home. This is why I started this organization, to try to pool together a community and documentation to share with others to as many people as possible.

Access to groundbreaking health information should be a birthright.

I wish some of the doctors I work with were able to be on mainstream evening news, but unfortunately that won’t happen anytime soon…

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and that is why I feel obligated to share this with you!



For more information, contact us by telephone if you have any questions. If you are calling outside the United States, click here to find the country code information.If you are leaving a message for the first time, make sure to mention what country you are calling from and your day and evening contact numbers so we can call you back.

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